Friends Forever...Min Com New Choice Reunion

Tuesday Apr 09th, 2019



Friends Forever....
With technology, today's Real Estate offices can have hundreds of agents, who never see their fellow agents or office staff. 
25 years ago Judy Stacee-Cleaver started Min Com New Choice Realty and with weekly meetings, seasonal lunches, company trips and events, our agents and staff definitely got to know one another.  

Humour is good for the soul and boy did we have a lot of characters who made life that much more enjoyable and meaningful. 
People come and go but some relationships stand the test of time. With all this in mind, Paul Keeler and Diane Bromley decided to "get the band back together" and put out the call to join up for lunch at Amici Restaurant in Pickering on April 5th and what an amazing time we had...and yes there was cake! 

Memories shared, old stories and jokes retold, past colleagues remembered, catching up on families, finding out what everyone's kids and now grandkids are up to, and for some, the thrill of retirement and travelling the world. 
We truly are friends forever!  

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