What's Love Got To Do With It...

Tuesday Oct 01st, 2019


DCBE 23rd Annual Golf Day..."What's Love Got To Do With It..."

Love of a beautiful day, love of golf, love of driving a golf cart, love of good friends and colleagues, love of community and giving back!
All of these things make for an awesome day on the course, enjoying the gorgeous weather, lots of laughs, some serious? golfing and raising money for Bethesda House Women's Shelter. Life is truly what we each make it and love is a powerful tool with which to shape our lives, relationships and community. So give to whatever you love and see how wonderful life will be. It will even improve your golf game!

Networking allows us to share experience and knowledge...Mincom New Choice Realty Ltd is proud to be a longtime member of Durham Contact Business Exchange..next up, the Christmas Party, can't wait...

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